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How to make The Best Flour Tortillas | Grandma Views Recipe

990.458 views / Jan 12, 2019

How to make The Best flour tortillas (Steph by Steph)| Views Recipe

I added a lot of Steph by Steph details for the views flour tortillas. Please Make this recipe comfortable for your home. Lots of love, Stephanie

*Heat*, the first tortillas you heat is to test your pan/comal for temp. Your comal/pan should be on the medium-high setting. If your pan is not hot enough, you'll notice that the tortilla aroma is not present in the air. Therefore, turn up the temp. gradually and try cooking the next tortilla.

* The salt amount for this quantity of flour is well balance. It allows for the salt from your main dish to pair well with the subtle saltiness of the tortillas.
*Water amounts will differ base on what region you live in. Start with 7 Cups of water and add slowly as you incorporate ingredients.
*Lard or vegetable shortening will work for this recipe.
* If you use butter crisco you will get a softer and fluffy tortilla

*comments in this video have been disabled due to the disrespect. If you want to use Baking Powder go for it! Make it comfortable for your own home.

Why comments are disabled on this recipe. My mother was kind enough to share her ancestral ways of making tortillas. like any human, I appreciate common courtesy and respect for our elders.

Views Tortillas Ingredients
This recipe will make 4 1/2 - 5 Dozens

5 Pounds of All-purpose flour (I used Gold Medal)
8 Cups of warm water (I used 8 1/2)
1 Tablespoon of salt
1 Pound of Lard ( I used Morrell Snow Cap Lard)
*I used 367 Grams for the dough

Please make sure to have extra flour 1-2 Cups

55g-57g Size for these tortillas
Please come back and share your experience 🤗💞


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