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Why These Engines Are Banned?

4550368 / Mar 20, 2019

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Hello, dear friends! What do you know about the heart of your car, its engine? What is it like, what could it be ?
Let’s start with some technologies that are not groundbreaking, but are just modifications of fuel-burning engines. Here is an orbital internal combustion engine which is called the Skyactiv-X by Mazda where the combustion methodology of a diesel engine involves synchronization of a gasoline one. And here is a rotary engine whose development was financed by the Department of Defense of the USA. There is another extraordinary engine with opposite piston design. The engine produces 30% fewer emissions compared with its counterparts but its design cannot be considered fundamentally new.
All these solutions that may seem innovative at first sight are nothing but improved old technologies created more than one hundred years ago. You might think that engines that do not burn fossil fuels are things of science fiction and they have not been invented yet. They have, in fact, existed for a long time. So today we will know why this engines are banned.

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