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Veterans React to MILITARY Movies: EP05

439122 / Nov 14, 2019

You chose it, we viewed it. “Full Metal Jacket” was at the top of our list, especially with the Marine Birthday having just passed.
What’s the most iconic movie for each branch of service?

Richard Ryan is back with former Marine Scout Sniper Logan Stark and former Army Ranger Mat Best to react to some military classics... Richard also threw in a couple Marine recruiting commercials that might make you double take.

Hosted by Richard Ryan

Today's Guests
Mat Best -
Logan Stark -

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@02:31 : “ Heartbreak Ridge” 1986 Warner Bros.
@06:30 : “Full Metal Jacket”
@09:50: “ Chess” 1990 U.S. Marine Corps
@10:28: “ Rite of Passage” 1998 U.S Marine Corps
@11:15 “ The Marine” 2006 20th Century Fox


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