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Greatest Michael Jordan Stories - a collection.

1.648.228 views / Aug 27, 2013

The greatest Michael Jordan stories.

There are more stories out there that I want to include in updated version. I'm still looking for the clips of the Kevin McHale quote and the Williams story that I included out of memory. Having a hard time finding them :)*

This is a different kind of Jordan mix. For many people the most important factors in the seemingly neverending GOAT-discussions are stats and rings. For me that is kind of unfair because it leaves so many factors out.
For me what seperates Michael Jordan from the rest is not WHAT he accomplished but HOW. The way he played was just head and shoulders above the rest. The determination, the attitude, the swagger and the competetiveness are second to none. He is what Bruce Lee is to martial arts or Ali is to boxing.
This is a compilation of some legendary Michael Jordan tales and performances with beautiful background stories that just show what a special player Jordan was. Statement games, personal feuds, anecdotes and signature moves that only MJ could produce.

The difference between Jordan and the rest gets more evident as we watch current greats like Kobe and LeBron. Can you imagine a championship team led by Jordan getting swept by Dirk's Mavs? Talent aside his pride alone would not have allowed that. Or just think what Jordan would have done against a defensive treatment the Spurs presented LeBron in the 2013 finals. They may produce the stats and they may get as many or more rings as Jordan. But they are mere collectors. With MJ it always seemed there was even room for more....Who knows what he may have added to his resume without retiring twice when he still had so much left in his game...well this is also part of the legend :) Enjoy.

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