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In Search Of History - Ancient Inventions (History Channel Documentary)

1659322 / Mar 31, 2019

Narrated by David Ackroyd

" The Nazca lines in Peru stretch for miles, forming perfect images of animals visible only from the air. Immense and precise, the pyramids remain among mankind's greatest accomplishments, and experts still debate how they were built. Span the globe in this riveting look at the most incredible accomplishments of the ancient world achievements that rival and even surpass those of today. From the secret formula of Damascus steel which helped drive the Crusaders from the Holy Land to the ""computer"" from Ancient Greece, probe the origins of these incredible inventions. Take to the skies in a balloon made from a design 1,000 years old, and join scientists, engineers and historians as they probe the mysteries of ancient devices that cannot be replicated today! And examine the extraordinary innovations of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose drawings included designs for a tank, machine, gun, helicopter and parachute!"

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