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BIGGEST Jackpot Lottery Winners Ever!

545633 / Dec 26, 2018

Check out the BIGGEST Jackpot Lottery Winners Ever! From becoming a multimillionaire in a day to some of the luckiest powerball winners, this top 10 list of largest jackpots won by lucky people will amaze you!

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8. $564 Million Dollars (2015)
A few years previous, the Powerball earnings was up to $564 million dollars. In February of that year, three people came forward to claim the winnings. As was their right, two of them elected to remain anonymous. However, one of the winners, Marie Holmes of North Carolina, was more than happy to step forward and admit that she had won part of the large sum.

7. $587.5 Million Dollars (2012)
In 2012, the Powerball winnings were up to a staggering $587.5 million dollars. Two winners shared the prize money: Matthew Good, and the Hill Family. Good chose to remain anonymous, however, he was out of luck because lottery winners in Arizona are public record!!

6. $590.5 Million Dollars (2013)
During 2013, the Powerball got up to an impressive $590.5 million dollars. In a nice twist though, only one person got the winning numbers, which meant that they didn't have to share the money with other winners. Thus, at the time, Gloria MacKenzie was the record holder for the most lottery money won by a single person.

5. $648 million dollars (2013)
Also in 2013, two winners got to split the sum of $648 million dollars via the Mega Millions lottery. Steve Tran and Ira Curry. Curry was from Georgia, and Tran was from California.
The irony in the case of Tran was that he had the winning lottery ticket, but didn't realize it until much later.

4. $656 Million Dollars (2012)
Back in 2012, before the world was going "to end", the Mega Millions was at 656 million dollars. And in March of that year, three groups of people came forward to claim the millions.

3. $758.7 Million dollars (2017)
In 2017, the Powerball reached a record margin, one of $758.7 million dollars. The winner was later revealed to be Mavis L. Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Needless to say, she was a bit stunned when she found out. In fact, it was because of a friend that she found out at all. The friend noted the winning numbers and when she couldn't do anything, due to the shock, the friend demanded that she sign the ticket to ensure that nothing bad happened to it, and that she wouldn't have it stolen.

2. $1.537 billion dollars (2018)
Despite being touted as a "$1.6 billion dollar jackpot", the one that was just recently won in 2018 wasn't actually near that number technically. If it had, it would've been the highest jackpot in the history of the lottery. But upon further inspection, it wasn't, one in 2016 was, and the official number for the 2018 near-record was $1.537 billion dollars. Which, naturally, would be enough to satisfy just about anyone in the world with that amount.

1. $1.586 billion dollars (2016)
The term "billion" gets thrown around a lot in the modern day, and the truth is, that while there are now two jackpots worth over a billion dollars in history, no one single person has ever truly won it. What do I mean by that? Well, because at present, one winning set hasn't been claimed yet, and the other wasn't won by one person. You see, in 2016, a $1.586 billion dollar jackpot was up for grabs, and everyone was buying tickets to try and earn the money themselves.

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