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10 Celebs Currently Rotting in Jail (And The Despicable Reasons Why)

4020762 / Nov 23, 2017

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Celebrities have always been careful to ensure they are presented as friendly, approachable, and likeable characters. Their very livelihoods depend on the general public thinking they’re good people, which is why virtually every celeb has a team of PR people to advise them on how to behave and how to respond to certain incidents. Many will go so far as to give to charity and perform supposedly random acts of kindness in order to convince the public that they care about them.

However, the rise of social media has been making it increasingly difficult for famous people to hide the fact that they, just like us regular folks, have their flaws. Camera phones have proven that their lives are far from perfect, as is their behavior. Of course, the behavior of some celebrities is less perfect than others. Some might slip up every now and then by Tweeting out an insensitive comment about some national tragedy or by showing support for the wrong politician, while others make slightly bigger mistakes such as, you know, killing somebody.

Over the past two decades, one glam rock singer has been sent to jail again and again and again and at one point even faced the death penalty for his relentless crimes. A Paralympic hero is serving time in a South African prison while authorities desperately seek to have his sentence increased beyond its initial six years. An internationally renowned dance teacher is sitting in a cell for filing for bankruptcy while hiding millions of dollars in a secret bank account. We're going to be looking at all of these criminals and more in this video.

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