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Watch in 360 the inside of a nuclear reactor from the size of an atom with virtual reality

12166333 / Mar 19, 2018

Have you ever seen inside a power station?

Shrink to the size of an atom and come with us to journey to the core of a nuclear reactor with 360 video.

Created by a team of experts from our nuclear generation business, watch the nuclear fission process inside a Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) reactor – the kind of reactor that is used at Sizewell B in Suffolk.

As our Nuclear Safety Group Head, Colin Tucker said: “Anyone experiencing it will go away with a straight-forward understanding of how a nuclear reactor works and how we use them to generate electricity.

Nuclear has played a vital role in the UK producing affordable, secure and low-carbon electricity for over 50 years.

This video is the latest in a series of activities to bring nuclear to life. We hope you enjoy it.

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