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HOW TO Pick Up a Puppy Properly
19376063 views - 05/16/23
Jennifer Broome imparts her expertise on the proper techniques for picking up and cradling a puppy. Drawing from her extensive experience...
Where's that card from?
9226413 views - 05/26/23
✨Discover a magical world where your fur-friends can play and snooze in style 🐾💤 Unleash their wild side with our Peekaboo Cat Cave! 🐈‍⬛...
Her moo is so adorable 🥹❤️#shorts
9869785 views - 06/01/23
When it’s time for her pets to have dinner, this lady stands on her front step and calls them in by name, but you’ll never believe who...
Guess THE ANIMAL Game!!! (Exotic & Scary)!!!
18718427 views - 06/02/23
we played Guess THE ANIMAL Game together with these crazy animals! Subscribe: | Make sure to enable ALL...
Animals That Can KILL Themselves #Shorts
7002537 views - 05/30/23
Open-Top Safari Vehicles Keep You Safe from Big Cats!
15352621 views - 05/13/23
People can ride in open-top safari vehicles without fear of big cats, yet must keep their car windows closed in wildlife parks! In this...
Cat lost her kittens and became very angry 💔
3585806 views - 05/31/23
@kritterklub ❤️
Ocean mysteries
6890402 views - 05/11/23
#science #sciencefacts #oceans #mystery
Best of the Month | Pets Translated
6556295 views - 05/31/23
Another month has come and gone, but these hilarious pets are here to stay and they sure are chatty! Here are some of May's best pet...
Quality Time: Floor is Lava
3984420 views - 05/30/23
Are you afraid of whales?
2625695 views - 06/05/23
I would drop a whole duece in that water if i saw a whale 🐳😳 (source vid is by TikTok/paoloosta ) #whale #whales #kayaking...
Giant Crocodile Nearly Bites My Dad In Half ( legit )
2087019 views - 05/15/23
While filming at CrocWorld in South Africa With @dingodinkelman this 120-year-old crocodile nearly ripped my dad in half when he wasn't...
Animals Names 🦣🐎 #shorts
22098358 views - 06/02/23
giraffe fighting lion //lion killing a giraffe// #animal #jeeramohariजिरामोहरी #giraffefightinglions
11926417 views - 05/14/23
giraffe fighting lion// lion killing a giraffe// #animal #jeeramohariजिरामोहरी #giraffefightinglions giraffe fighting lion, giraffe...
The Animal With No Lungs and Ears?! 😱
3229366 views - 05/21/23
There's an incredible creature that has two stomachs... But doesn't have lungs and ears. Nightfam, please visit our humanitarian store!...
Material Inspector 🧐
3228026 views - 05/27/23
Quizzing Apollo on just materials today. Apollo is our 3 year-old African Grey parrot we've had since December 2020. Founder of Shrock...
Don't Hug My Pao Like This#shorts
15338736 views - 05/20/23
Hello My Beloved ! Please Kindly Share And Like My New Channel, Thanks You So Much. Cute SokYaa Monkey, Smart Animal Around The World...
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