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Clifford The Big Red Dog - First Look - Paramount Pictures
867442 views - 11/25/20
It’s here: your very first look at Clifford The Big Red Dog! #CliffordMovie hits theatres in 2021. 🐾 When middle-schooler Emily...
Florida man wrestles puppy from jaws of alligator
2586301 views - 11/22/20
In a dramatic encounter recorded by surveillance cameras, a Florida man chased an alligator under water and rescued his 3-month-old puppy...
Trying Tik Tok Trends with my NEW Baby Pup🥳
1514282 views - 11/20/20
Ladies and gentlemen, I now have 2 sons. Been a long time coming, and he’s everything I’ve ever wanted for myself, Terry and Twinkie....
Video Shows Florida Man Rescuing His Puppy From Alligator Attack | TODAY
397554 views - 11/23/20
Remarkable video out of Florida shows the lengths to which one dog owner was willing to go to rescue his puppy from the jaws of an...
My Dog Has a Beach House Vacation
973311 views - 11/22/20
My Dog Has a Beach House Vacation Click the link: to get Vessis Early Black Friday Sale and use my code:...
Whale Almost Swallows A Kayaker
5331194 views - 11/16/20
Links To Sources: Whale: Zombie: Deaf:...
Gobble Gobble
206918 views - 11/25/20
Gobble Gobble! Millennial Farmer tours Oakdale 6th Generation Turkey Farm. Where does your Thanksgiving Turkey come from? Happy...
Ridiculousnessly Popular Videos: Animal Edition (Part 2) 🐇 Ridiculousness
295323 views - 11/23/20
From people-tipping cows to some unusual pets, here are some of Ridiculousness’ most unforgettable animal moments. #MTV #Ridiculousness...
EATEN ALIVE by Sea Lamprey!
541569 views - 11/25/20
JOIN our channel to watch Part 2 NOW - In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is entering the Bite...
Tiny Kitten Runs Out Of Bushes To Her New Mom | The Dodo Little But Fierce
635036 views - 11/23/20
This tiny little kitten, Charm, stumbled out of the bushes and kept folowing this woman around. Watch her decide she's never leaving her...
First Lady Melania Trump participates in White House Christmas Tree Presentation
227024 views - 11/23/20
First Lady Melania Trump participates in White House Christmas Tree Presentation. Subscribe to Fox News! Watch...
*NEW TREND* Time Warp Scan TikTok Compilation, but DOGS & CATS
1394411 views - 11/23/20
Squirrel gets DRUNK eating fermented pears
240136 views - 11/24/20
A drunk squirrel was caught on camera struggling to stand after eating fermented pears left on a picnic table outside a house in...
Hyena Cornered by Wild Dogs Calls for Backup!
1737734 views - 11/21/20
A hyena was looking after her cub that has passed recently. Wild dogs thought this could be a meal! They came in, but instead of trying...
What's Inside Baby Grinch! Cutting Open Baby Grinch!
217843 views - 11/23/20
Check out our merch! Our Newest Channel!...
Man jumps into water, saves dog from alligator l GMA
385257 views - 11/23/20
The amazing rescue was caught on camera when a Florida man successfully rescued a small dog from the jaws of an alligator. Subscribe to...
Mystery Turtle Eggs Hatching- Part 2!
253592 views - 11/24/20
Today we conclude this summer's exciting clutch of mystery turtle eggs that our neighbor saved! There's some good news, and some bad...
Florida man jumps into pond, wrestles alligator to save puppy
496350 views - 11/22/20
The man said holding the alligator once he got it wasn't the hard part, it was prying open its jaws. (WINK/CNN) More details:...
Kakoa's Pretend Play Halloween Trick or Treating!
1524747 views - 10/30/20
Kakoa’s Pretend Play Halloween Trick or Treating!! This was one of kakoa's favorite trick or treating yet! Happy Halloween! Thanks for...
MeatEater S2-E12: Sonoran Super-Birds: Mexico Gould's Turkey
162187 views - 11/24/20
Steven Rinella crosses the border into Mexico's desert to call in the Gould’s wild turkey. Of the five turkey subspecies in North...
Parasite Removal from Nancy and Rita the Shrimp #shorts
79638 views - 11/24/20
Here are 2 more procedures on my good friends Nancy and Rita! #shorts
We had to put our sweet goat down today.
181541 views - 11/23/20
Penny was such an amazing goat ❤️ Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking...
Funny Pets Reaction - Try Not To Laugh Animals 2020
330063 views - 11/24/20
Funny Pets Reaction - Try Not To Laugh Animals 2020 ► Link video: 🔔 Subscribe: 📥...
Ex-Police Dog Keeps Barking At Tree, Dad Finds A Lot More Than Wood Inside
152558 views - 11/19/20
Ex-Police Dog Keeps Barking At Tree, Dad Finds A Lot More Than Wood Inside. He spontaneously pricked his ears up as he put his nose to...
Ep#5: The Dogs Go to the Cottage for a COVID GETAWAY!
229287 views - 11/21/20
Long overdue, but finally here, we continue from our previous episode where Oakley makes a road trip journey to visit his friends,...