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Stunning Black Off-Grid Cabin By The River
1,293,202 views - 07/09/20
Many of us dream of leaving the modern world behind and escaping to an idyllic off-the-grid cabin where we can relax, enjoy quiet time...
Urban Industrial Tiny House is a Tiny Mansion
1,278,512 views - 07/02/20
In this weeks episode, we meet Kyron and Natalia who live in a stunning urban industrial styled tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand. The...
This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer
3,145,531 views - 06/26/20
This stunning tiny house is packed full of amazing, game changing design! From the ultra clever, future-proofed layout and space-saving...
Epic Modern Tiny House With Library Net Loft
1,286,929 views - 06/18/20
In this weeks episode we visit Gina, a tiny house builder in the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, who shows us around her own stunning, modern...
Top Storage Ideas For Tiny Homes
735,114 views - 06/11/20
In good tiny house design, it's essential that you have enough space for all your things and in this video we explore some super clever...
Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World: Celtic Iron Age Roundhouses
690,631 views - 05/29/20
In this pilot episode of our Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World series, we travel 2000 years back in time to the Celtic iron-age fort and...
Off-The-Grid Tiny House & Stunning Syntropic Food Forest Gardens
930,728 views - 05/21/20
In this weeks episode, we venture to the beautiful sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to visit a spectacular...
Incredible BIG Modern Tiny House With Amazing Storage
1,641,475 views - 05/14/20
This beautiful Hampton-style inspired home in Queensland, Australia is absolutely packed full of super clever small space design and...
Japanese Meets Scandinavian Design In Zen Inspired Tiny House
1,085,358 views - 05/07/20
This zen-inspired tiny house is a spectacular blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Packed full of super clever ideas, creative...
Stunning Modern Tiny House in Queensland
2,508,253 views - 04/30/20
Beautifully built and filled with great small space design ideas, this modern tiny house in Queensland, Australia is definitely one...
Amazing DIY Tiny House Parked In Nudist Club
742,852 views - 04/23/20
Thanks to Omaze for sponsoring this video! For your chance to win your own tiny home and support a great cause, enter at...
Rent-Free Urban Living in Amazing Tiny House
881,800 views - 04/16/20
Finding an affordable place to live in a city like Auckland, New Zealand is no easy task! When the average cost of a home sits at around...
Compact Tiny House Designed To Travel New Zealand
671,036 views - 04/09/20
This intrepid family sold up their home and began a life of adventure by building a tiny house on wheels which they use to travel New...
Tiny House Life in Lockdown 🔒
856,276 views - 04/02/20
How are people who live in tiny houses dealing with self-isolation?! In this video, we reached out to people who we have featured on the...
Young Woman's Beautiful Tiny House Gives Freedom From Rent / Mortgage
867,733 views - 03/26/20
This beautiful tiny house on wheels has become a dream first home, allowing one young woman to escape the rent and mortgage traps and get...
Stunning Modern, Minimalist Tiny House
1,757,683 views - 03/19/20
Stylish, modern and ultra minimal, this beautiful, architecturally designed tiny house is sure to impress. From is all-black metal...
Off-The-Grid 40ft Shipping Container Home Even Charges Electric Car
904,393 views - 03/12/20
This amazing 40ft shipping container home in Northland, New Zealand is designed to be completely off the grid and has a huge solar system...
Pro-Gamer Builds Epic Tiny House With Crazy Computer Set-up
3,579,493 views - 03/05/20
This professional online gamer and YouTuber has built an amazing tiny house for herself with an epic computer and live-streaming set-up!...
Mind-Blowing Ultra-Compact Eco Tiny House
1,035,921 views - 02/27/20
This mind blowing tiny house on wheels has it all! Completely off the grid and sized at just 10m2 (107 f2) including the loft, this ultra...
The Amazing Tiny House Traveling The World! 🌍
838,514 views - 02/20/20
In this weeks episode we meet Jonathan and Yunaë, an inspiring couple who are traveling the world in their amazing DIY built tiny house...
Dream Minimalist Tiny House in France
1,041,443 views - 02/13/20
Thanks to Raid for sponsoring this video and helping to make our show possible. Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile: ✅...
Woman Builds £1000 Tiny Earthen Home To Live Close To Nature In Welsh Woods
2,447,430 views - 02/06/20
This weeks episode takes us to the wild woods of Wales, where a remarkable woman has chosen to live close to nature in a £1000 tiny...
Young Woodworker Crafts Stunning Off-Grid Tiny House
1,364,728 views - 01/30/20
This young woman has turned her love of wood-working into the ultimate accomplishment, building her very own home! After falling in love...
Amazing Lord Of The Rings Inspired Van Conversion
717,745 views - 01/23/20
This amazing Lord of the Rings inspired van conversion is sure to impress! After his divorce, retired police officer turned wood-carver...
17 Year Old Builds Tiny House For Only £6,000!
5,684,017 views - 01/16/20
Tom was only 17 years old when he began construction of his tiny house on wheels. Amazingly, he was able to complete his project for an...
The Top Tiny Houses of 2019
603,283 views - 12/27/19
In this weeks video, we take a look back over the past year on the show and explore some of the very best tiny house designs of 2019....
The Living Big in a Tiny House Christmas Special 2019🎄
518,596 views - 12/20/19
This Christmas we wanted to do something really special and show how tiny house families all over the world are getting ready to...
Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home For Debt-Free Living
12,526,239 views - 12/13/19
This amazing shipping container home is guaranteed to impress! Constructed from one 20ft and one 40ft shipping container, this compact...
WW2 Railway Train Car Transformed Into Amazing Tiny House
1,409,732 views - 12/06/19
This World War 2 railway train carriage has been transformed into an absolutely amazing tiny home. Just wait until you see inside this...
Retro Airstream Renovated Into Stylish Modern Tiny House
1,016,890 views - 11/30/19
Of all the caravans, there are few more iconic than the Airstream. In this weeks episode, we explore an incredible renovation project...
Modern Architecturally Designed Tiny House With Amazing Hidden Shower
2,769,572 views - 11/23/19
This modern architecturally designed tiny house on wheels is sure to impress. In this video tour we explore the home's clever design and...
Off-The-Grid Desert Living in a Tiny Earthen Home & Permaculture Community
644,105 views - 11/15/19
In this weeks video we travel to the Californian desert and the tiny earthen home of natural builders Sasha and John. The desert...
Natural-Built Tiny House Incorporates Biophilic Design And A Living Roof 🌱
1,256,956 views - 11/02/19
Biophilic design is a term which refers to the connection between our built environment and the living world around us. It speaks to our...
Absolutely Stunning Modern Luxury Tiny House
1,372,757 views - 10/25/19
This amazing, modern tiny house is sure to impress! The entire home is luxury through and through, but best of all, this is a home which...
Back To Nature Living In A Beautiful Tiny House Tent (Revisited)
827,707 views - 10/19/19
After leaving their home in Southern California, this adventurous family ventured to live off-the-grid and debt free in a beautiful tiny...
Couple Build Incredible Tiny House For One Years Rent
1,089,228 views - 10/12/19
This incredible tiny house is beautifully constructed and amazingly was built for around the equivalent of one years rent, making it an...
Television Show Interior Designer’s Own Colourful Tiny House
1,112,255 views - 10/06/19
After working on various hit television shows as an interior designer, Kim together with her husband, film-maker Joey have had a chance...
Epic Off-The-Grid School Bus Conversion
2,816,957 views - 09/27/19
This old school bus has been converted into an epic tiny house! Designed to be completely off-the-grid, this stunning home on wheels is...
Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel
4,126,154 views - 09/21/19
This incredible small home is a completely contemporary, modern take on the traditional yurt. With a diameter of 30ft (9meters), this...
Incredible Tiny House Even Has A Built-In Sauna!
1,510,417 views - 09/13/19
This couple’s amazing tiny house is sure to impress. Beautifully constructed with a modern edge the small home is packed full of some...
Simple Living In a Tiny Forest Home
1,226,516 views - 09/06/19
This beautiful tiny home, nestled into the forest of the British Columbian Gulf Islands begs for time to slow down and for life to be...
Tiny House Packed With Clever Design Ideas
1,848,797 views - 08/30/19
In this weeks video we explore a beautiful, cottage-style tiny house in Oklahoma which has given a young family an amazing start to life!...
Double Tiny Homes For Family Homestead (Revisited)
652,451 views - 08/24/19
When we first met Phil, he was living in a beautiful and whimsical, off-the-gird tiny house which he he had constructed for him and his...
Wabi-Sabi Modern Japanese Inspired Small Home
2,384,217 views - 08/16/19
This beautiful modern Japanese inspired small home is a real architectural marvel! Everywhere you look, the home is filled with unique...
Family's Fantastic Farmhouse-Style Tiny Home
3,315,403 views - 08/09/19
Designed to perfectly meet the needs of a family of four, this fantastic farmhouse-style tiny home on wheels is packed full of great...
One Man's Dream Tiny House You Have To See
2,391,515 views - 08/02/19
This dream tiny house is one that you have to see. This amazing small home is a unique combination of industrial and whimsical styles and...
20ft Shipping Container Home Built for Under $15k
1,357,607 views - 07/26/19
This stunning shipping container home was built for an astounding budget of under $15,000! After a series of tragic events encouraged...
Simple Living In Artistic Tiny Home With Huge Greenhouse
812,550 views - 07/19/19
After moving from Toronto to Victoria, Natasha and her daughter were looking for a fresh start and a new lifestyle. A desire to simplify...
Stunning Modern Tiny House Sanctuary
1,686,639 views - 07/12/19
In todays hectic, modern world, it’s more important than ever to have a sanctuary space to retreat to, a home where the troubles of the...
Mother And Daughter’s Wild Tiny House Adventure
1,772,848 views - 07/05/19
Making the decision to start a new life can be a difficult thing. Selling up your home and possessions, downsizing into a tiny house and...
Woman's Spectacular Tiny House in The Wilderness
2,026,189 views - 06/28/19
Jessica is all about getting back to nature, and her stunning tiny house parked up in the British Columbian wilderness is testament to...
Couple Downsize Into Dream Off-The-Grid Tiny House
5,095,497 views - 06/21/19
This off-the-grid tiny home on wheels is absolutely stunning. Designed to resemble a heritage style home, it’s been beautifully crafted...
Interior Designer's Ultra-Clever Compact City Apartment
1,171,050 views - 06/14/19
Packed full of some ultra clever design ideas, this small apartment design is sure to impress! Right in the heart of Vancouver, in a...
Couple's Beautiful Small City Home
661,467 views - 06/07/19
This week, we are in Vancouver, British Columbia where the city has opened up accessory dwelling unit living to help create urban infill...
Tiny House Gives Financial Freedom In Expensive City
1,483,080 views - 05/31/19
Situated on a stunning property on the outskirts of Vancouver, Canada, one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets, is a...
Our Urban Tiny House In New Zealand
5,021,911 views - 05/24/19
After so many years in the works, I’m so excited to finally be able to share a tour of our very own tiny house on wheels in New Zealand....
Shipping Container Home Designed For Sustainable Family Living
3,170,738 views - 05/17/19
In this weeks episode, we explore this lovely family home which has been constructed using shipping containers. Named the South Coast...
$10,000 Off-The-Grid Tiny House With HUGE Solar System
1,733,378 views - 05/10/19
If you’ve ever worried that you wouldn’t be able to produce enough power when off the grid in a tiny house on wheels, this house may be...
Modern Living in a Small Family Home
2,040,084 views - 05/03/19
With the drastic increase in house prices in Australia, many have been encouraged to explore alternative living arrangements....
Architect’s Micro Studio Apartment
6,676,667 views - 04/26/19
In this video, we tour the incredible 28sqm (301sqft) apartment of architect Douglas Wan. The Melbourne apartment was originally...
Transforming Tiny House Combines Beauty And Engineering For Artful Living
907,281 views - 04/19/19
Sitting proudly on a hilltop overlooking the forests of Southern NSW is an enchanting tiny house. Filled with art, and artful design,...
Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard
7,510,039 views - 04/12/19
Hidden in the back yard of a bustling suburban neighbourhood is a remarkable small family home. A sanctuary and haven designed to give...
This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind
34,367,790 views - 04/05/19
This ultra modern tiny house on wheels is truly something to behold. With it's jet black exterior, super clever design and incredibly...
Tiny House With Amazing Pop Up Roof
2,209,206 views - 03/29/19
This tiny house on wheels is something very special. Designed for a family of three, this home was designed with a very clever...
Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything! - Revisited
1,012,422 views - 03/22/19
It’s now been more than a year since Paul and Annett moved into their amazing off-the-grid tiny house on wheels in Byron Bay, New South...
Incredible Shipping Container Home By The Sea Is A Small Space Marvel
2,554,706 views - 03/15/19
After spending it’s life on the open ocean, this shipping container landed on the shores of New Zealand where it was transformed into a...
Olympic Athlete and Furniture Maker Build Beautiful Tiny Home
954,954 views - 03/08/19
This dynamic young couple are used to working hard and bringing their dreams to life, one of those dreams was to construct their own tiny...
Super Cool DIY Tiny House With HUGE Movie Theatre Loft
3,011,642 views - 03/01/19
If you’re a fan of movies and tv, this could very well be the ideal tiny house for you! Dynamic young couple Erin and Jake set about...
Boat Builder's Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home - Revisited
746,913 views - 02/22/19
In this revisited episode, we are back with Evans and his incredible 20ft shipping container home. Go to
Young Woman's Incredible Tiny Forever Home
3,957,240 views - 02/15/19
While for some, tiny houses are temporary stepping stones, this young woman’s incredible tiny house on wheels has been built as a dream...
Architect and Designer Couple Create Spectacular Tiny House In The Bush
1,519,047 views - 02/08/19
When a designer and architect couple team up to create their own tiny home, amazing things happen! Thanks Skillshare for sponsoring this...
3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home
13,987,797 views - 02/01/19
I’m always amazed at how people can turn shipping containers, hard, cold metal boxes, into some of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming...
Builder’s Incredible Fire Resistant, Off-Grid, Passive Tiny House On Wheels
891,508 views - 01/25/19
This incredible tiny house on wheels has been specially engineered to help make it resistant to forest fires. This video has been...
Woman's Dream Tiny House Even Has A Walk-In Wardrobe
9,612,167 views - 01/18/19
This amazing tiny house may look like a dollhouse, but it's no toy! It's a fully featured tiny home on wheels that even has a walk in...
Super Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House Built With Old Fence Palings
1,561,749 views - 01/11/19
Building a tiny home using salvaged or reclaimed materials can be an amazing way of keeping the cost down. If you’re prepared to put in...
Tiny House Designed To Be Elderly / Disability / Mobility Friendly
1,778,149 views - 01/04/19
Growing older is a gift. Unfortunately that gift also comes with it’s own burdens, often meaning a lack of mobility and thus a loss of...
The Top 5 Tiny Houses of 2018
343,472 views - 12/29/18
In this video, we explore our top five living big tiny house tour videos of 2018. This year, we have visited so many incredible tiny...
The Living Big In A Tiny House Christmas Special 2018
207,646 views - 12/20/18
It’s that time of year again! In this weeks episode, things get Christmasy at the tiny house as the elves set about decorating our tiny...
Incredible Small Off-Grid  Earthship Home
3,828,330 views - 12/13/18
This off-the-grid home in Adelaide, Australia is something completely different! An Earthship is a radically sustainable and...
Uni Grad's $US12,000 Eco Tiny House
2,695,575 views - 12/07/18
After graduating from university, this entrepreneurial young couple kick started their next phase of life by building an incredible eco...
Spacious DIY Off-The-Grid Tiny House
2,545,009 views - 11/30/18
This spectacular off-the-grid tiny home on wheels in Australia is a true beauty! Constructed as a do-it-yourself build, the house is...
Life On The Road In An Ex-Ambulance Camper
1,088,365 views - 11/22/18
This week we give you a full tour of our ambulance camper (we call it our campulance) which we use travel and camp all over North...
Off-Grid Artisan Tiny House Built To Escape Wildfires
939,552 views - 11/15/18
Ryan was fortunate. With his last 28ft tiny house on wheels he managed to pull it just out of the way of the wildfires which swept...
Jay Shafer's Stunning $5,000 Tiny House
3,030,533 views - 11/08/18
Jay Shafer is a man who many know as the Godfather of the modern tiny house movement. It was 20 years ago now that he build his original...
Yurt Life and Permaculture In High Sierra
1,736,248 views - 11/01/18
In this weeks episode we travel into the High Sierra region of California to visit a dynamic young family who are living big in a yurt...
Life In Our Traveling Tiny House
1,072,763 views - 10/26/18
Our tiny house on wheels is designed for life on the move! At only 16 x 8ft (5 x 2.5m) it's super compact, lightweight and designed for...
Solo Mother With Teenage Daughter Builds Amazing Tiny House
4,084,657 views - 10/19/18
This week we visit the amazing home of an inspiring solo mother, who built an amazing tiny house on wheels where she now lives together...
The Pinecone Treehouse: A Spectacular Tiny Home In The Trees
605,990 views - 10/12/18
This treehouse is one you need to see to believe. Shaped like a pinecone and suspended from a circle of towering redwood trees, this...
Beautifully Handcrafted Heirloom Tiny House
788,400 views - 10/04/18
This off-the-grid tiny house on wheels has been beautifully handcrafted using sustainably sourced materials. Designed to stand the test...
Back To Nature Living In A Beautiful Tiny House Tent
4,454,450 views - 09/27/18
This young family are doing things a bit differently! They gave up their city lives in Southern California to live a debt free and simple...
Couple's Debt-Free Life In A Stunning $18,000 Tiny House
955,485 views - 09/20/18
SB and Matt are a young couple who made a big decision to build a tiny house after getting married. Moving to Colorado from Oklahoma...
Musician's Incredible Modern Tiny House & Mobile Music Studio
5,572,480 views - 09/13/18
This modern tiny house is truly a musicians dream home. Asha Mevlana is an electric violinist with the Trans Siberian Orchestra who is...
Yoga Teacher's Amazing Furniture-Free Tiny House Designed For Body Movement
2,444,526 views - 09/06/18
Jayme is a yoga teacher who has built an amazing and beautiful tiny house which is designed to encourage body movement. While still being...
True Off-Grid Homesteading in A Pioneer Style Cabin
2,247,630 views - 08/31/18
Doug and Stacy are living the pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century! Living in a beautifully constructed DIY pioneer style cabin and...
A Bedford House Bus In An Off-The-Grid Upcycled Homestead Kingdom
341,712 views - 08/24/18
In a way Purple is like a modern wizard, transforming old trash into useful treasures for his off the grid homestead. After being gifted...
This Floating Tiny Cabin Is The Ultimate City Escape
1,347,816 views - 08/16/18
When this family grew tired of life in the city, they decided to sell up and start a new life together in the country, purchasing land in...
Island Living In An Off-The-Grid House Boat
997,251 views - 08/09/18
Mark has lived a very unusual life. As a professional mime and clown he has travelled the world as a performing artist and brought smiles...
Electrician Builds Off-Grid Van To Surf The World
535,709 views - 08/02/18
For a dedicated surfer, few things in life are more important than chasing the perfect waves. For Johnny this meant converting a van into...
The Fairytale House Shaped Like A Shoe
1,715,609 views - 07/27/18
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. That's how the story goes, but this tiny house is no fairytale. Constructed from ferrocement,...
Architect Builds Incredible Off-The-Grid Tiny Home To Avoid High House Prices
1,722,298 views - 07/19/18
As an architect, Doug is traditionally used to designing large homes, but when it came to his own house, he decided to go for something...
Off The Grid Cabin In New Zealand Paradise
1,133,722 views - 07/12/18
Hidden amongst the spectacular mountain ranges of the Kahurangi National park of New Zealand, this beautiful off-the-grid cabin sits in...