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how to create the weeknd's blinding lights
7,865,371 views - 06/25/20
hey guys! this video took way too long to make but i hope you like it. i'm in no way an animator so i just tried doing my best on my own....
thick bowser
1,990,164 views - 04/07/20
Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free. (ad) hey guys i got all these stuff and uuuhhhhh i just...
music genre: video game (ANIMATED by @sherbies)
1,878,433 views - 03/20/20
hey guys! here is a fantastic animation of my video "music genre: video game" animated by the amazing sherbies, whom you can subscribe to...
how i got the world's most liked YouTube comment
9,623,989 views - 12/20/19
Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free. here is the long awaited video about the world's most...
YouTube Rewind 2019, but it's my honest reaction
3,697,042 views - 12/05/19
here is my authentic reaction to the youtube rewind 2019 video that was uploaded a few hours ago. wow! so honored to be in the most...
i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different
5,554,672 views - 11/30/19
hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am...
seth everman does TikTok
5,272,188 views - 06/19/19
Download TikTok: i had a lot of fun making tiktoks and watching tiktoks and editing tiktoks and saying "tiktok"...
old town road, but played on my synth
16,051,990 views - 05/20/19
just had some fun playing around on my synth while playing "old town road" by lil nas x... honestly i don't know where this video went in...
Inside Seth Everman's House
2,910,651 views - 04/25/19
Go to to take back your internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free. hey guys here...
how to create billie eilish's bad guy
64,477,836 views - 04/13/19
hello here is the easiest way to create billie eilish's song "bad guy" from scratch. yes i actually used those items to create the sounds...
memes that make me commit tiny laugh
4,170,248 views - 03/31/19
hello i made this video and i am afraid. spent a lot of time turning memes into sound so i hope you don't hate it too much Thank you...
4,840,194 views - 02/14/19
L, is for the way you lose at games O, is for the only *oof* you feel V, is very, very extraordinary E i am so sorry. i will not sing...
baldo mode
8,186,637 views - 01/25/19
started working on this video in november but took a 3 month winter vacation so now i'm very late to this meme, but here it is.... enjoy...
when you're a romantic pianist but also a gamer
6,539,122 views - 11/10/18
hey guys yeah i completely remade the megalovania theme from scratch just to make this meme video.. i need to go to bed Thank you so...
extremely cursed (help)
2,943,579 views - 11/02/18
Download Fortnite for free here: Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video! hey guys i actually had...
just playing some pokémon blue
4,466,163 views - 08/30/18
hey guys i decided to play some pokémon blue on my game boy advance sp, enjoy! Thank you so much for watching! my social media:...
wii theme but it's played on the nintendo labo piano
10,337,445 views - 07/23/18
hello i played this thing on the cardboard, enjoy! (it's actually the "mii channel" music but honestly i don't care it's a theme on the...
seth everman reacts to people reacting to seth everman
6,088,685 views - 05/23/18
hey guys just another horrible video! since a lot of people seemed to enjoy that "mirror selfie" video i thought it would be a good idea...
mirror selfie
7,141,172 views - 04/13/18
just taking a lil mirror selfie with my phone... Thank you so much for watching! my social media: TWITTER:...
my old secret videos
1,913,400 views - 04/03/18
i used to make videos before i had this youtube channel, all the way back in 2006 and the beginning of youtube. many of them went viral....
All Star by Smash Mouth, but only using the sounds and beats on my synth (and Ten Second Songs)
4,529,237 views - 03/05/18
go watch the video we did on ant's channel where we play "take on me" by a-ha: i've been...
me playing loudest sound ever created by humans (on special synth)
3,324,346 views - 01/29/18
i have bread crumbs all over my sweater because i just ate a sandwich before filming when you buy expensive music gear only to use it...
when you try all the sounds and beats on your synth while only playing oasis - wonderwall
4,979,366 views - 01/02/18
since i don't have human friends i did this instead of partying on new year's eve enjoy (yes i actually bought the damn keyboard for...
who am i?
3,427,183 views - 12/18/17
try audioblocks RIGHT NOW (please): in this video i am: angry, tired, large and sitting on a...
just got a grand piano and you know what that means
11,638,279 views - 10/28/17
hey guys just got my 140 year old grand piano and you know what that means!!! i play som hip hop beats and put LED lights on it Thank...
music genre: video game 2
11,473,613 views - 10/01/17
hey guys it's been almost a year since i posted the first one of these videos and this one is just as bad if you enjoy that synth shirt...
my new house (big, large, cool, lonely)
2,978,477 views - 08/31/17
you guys always leave so many nice comments and send me some amazing messages, so thank you for that, even though i never upload! this...
when you try all the sounds and beats on your synth while only playing toto - africa
11,385,152 views - 06/26/17
hello my dudes it has been 9 years but i have returned with some more garbage for you to enjoy.. (thank you guys for always being so...
video game christmas music
3,998,741 views - 12/15/16
hello friends! i spent a few weeks working on these terrible songs and then i made this video which i hope at least some of you enjoyed!...
music genre: video game
8,144,384 views - 10/27/16
i just made this video by improvising some stuff that sounded like video game music and it's honestly a terrible video but thank you so...
Why do i shave my head? (Q&A)
4,336,044 views - 10/09/16
why did i have to spend so much time on editing and making music for such a terrible video? Thank you so much for watching! in this...
i call this piece echoes of the past
1,651,030 views - 07/28/16
I just thought it would be pretty neat to have Obama and Trump make a duet. The voices have not been tempo or pitch changed! Thank you...
How to create Drake’s One Dance
16,053,656 views - 06/14/16
lmao what am i even doing Thank you so much for watching! my social media: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:...
#2 - When you’re a classical pianist but you listened to hip hop once again
9,779,735 views - 06/04/16
Thank you so much for watching! THE FIRST VIDEO: my social media: TWITTER:...
When you try all the sounds and beats on your synth (while only playing coldplay - viva la vida)
6,659,072 views - 02/14/16
I managed to drop my synth so the left wheel (closest to the camera) broke off so now there's just a big empty hole (just like my...
When you’re a classical pianist but you listened to hip hop once
24,774,994 views - 02/13/16
THE SECOND VIDEO: Thank you so much for watching and thank you for all the nice comments!...
Seth's really great Apartment Tour!
1,419,263 views - 12/19/15
Yes, believe it or not, I'm not homeless! Here is my new apartment. I only lived in my last apartment for two months, so I'm still...
How to make a Zelda necklace
1,023,239 views - 11/07/15
This is my guide that teaches you how to craft a nintendo 64 legend of zelda necklace. Get ready for spring 2016 where this will be the...