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I Spent 1000 Hours Playing this Anime Card Game
640,694 views - 07/09/20
This video is sponsored by Shadowverse! Check out the game here - Seriously though, please play the game....
Anime Shopping in Akihabara is a Nightmare
1,138,858 views - 06/26/20
Find the result on the Trash Taste Episode: Who thought it was a fun idea to make a nice session of Anime...
I Spent $1000 Buying Waifus in Gacha Games
1,414,442 views - 06/22/20
I am never gonna financially recover from this. Patreon: Opening Song: Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa · ZUTOMAYO...
The Worst Ending in the History of Best Girl
940,497 views - 06/15/20
Grown man has a mental breakdown over trashy romance manga. Check Out My Podcast: Edited by: Bakashift...
Tower of God: A New Era for Anime
1,301,773 views - 05/02/20
Download The Battle Cats for free here: Thanks to The Battle Cats for sponsoring this video! So I think...
Spring Anime 2020 in a Nutshell
2,064,621 views - 04/19/20
Try out Honkai Impact 3rd today! Use the code for free gifts: WLUH4W2X77 Intro song: Super Riser by Nanidato...
Watching Anime Fansubs
1,046,545 views - 04/08/20
People shinu if they are killed. (Translator note: shinu means plan) Download Crossing Void – Global now to get an S-character for free!...
Coronavirus Anime Survival Guide
1,268,549 views - 03/21/20
Coping with quarantine the only way I know how. Making memes. Edited by: Bakashift Patreon:...
2010s: The Decade Anime Grew Up
902,054 views - 03/13/20
Special thanks to Mars Era Games for making this video happen. Return to the World of Naruto with me by: Pre-register at official website...
Interspecies Reviewers: The Peak of Culture
732,521 views - 03/06/20
Crossing Void - Global × Hatsune Miku Collaboration Event is now on! 💎iOS/Android: 🎁Exclusive giftcode:...
Winter Anime 2020 in a Nutshell
2,135,308 views - 02/17/20
Thank you daddy Bookwalker for sponsoring this video. Get all the Manga/LNs for Winter 2020 Anime here: Use Coupon...
Anime in 2019
1,710,234 views - 01/22/20
Read the manga/light novel source material of some 2019 Anime digitally on BOOKWALKER here: ※Use coupon code GIGGUK...
The Fall of Mecha
1,023,431 views - 12/27/19
So what the hell happened to Mecha this decade? Patreon: Edited by: Bakashift...
Why I Love Bad Anime
1,279,248 views - 12/17/19
I spend 14 minutes justifying why I have shit taste. Yes I use discord in light more. I like the brightness in my life. Patreon:...
Waifu's Are Finally Becoming Real
4,317,197 views - 12/04/19
Download the Isekai App to Talk to Megumin: So I got the chance to talk to Megumin and I wasn't gonna say...
Essentially, Anime Fans vs Manga Readers
980,036 views - 11/27/19
Try out King of Fighters All Star Today: Download Now and get a FREE 5★ Jin Kazama Today, I breakdown the ongoing...
Fall Anime 2019 in a Nutshell
2,055,043 views - 11/16/19
Download Battle Breakers for free here: Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video Intro song:...
Devil is a Part-Timer: A McDonald's Isekai
1,415,031 views - 11/05/19
Download Crossing Void - Global FOR FREE: Redeem exclusive rewards with this code: 6ch2kpx8 Vote for your...
Hentai in a Nutshell
2,026,293 views - 09/28/19
I finally went there. Patreon: Edited by: Bakashift
Stop Sleeping on Vinland Saga.
1,301,574 views - 09/18/19
Read Vinland Saga today: Use Coupon Code Gigguk for $5 off! Now that one of my favourite manga...
Demon Slayer is a Work of Art
3,266,426 views - 08/23/19
Yeah the fights are cool and all but can we just appreciate how top tier an Imouto Nezuko is? Patreon:
Summer Anime 2019 in a Nutshell
2,752,408 views - 08/10/19
There wasn't enough Isekai this season. Yes I know I'm late. Support me: Intro song: Super Riser by...
Thank You Kyoto Animation.
1,337,544 views - 07/24/19
Sentai Filmwork's GoFundMe: Give money directly: Instructions for...
Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.
3,478,692 views - 07/17/19
Read ahead today if you can't wait with Bookwalker: Use Coupon Code: GIGGUK for $5 off! So I...
The Waifu That Didn't Deserve To Die
1,163,911 views - 06/29/19
Check out "I want to eat your pancreas" if you need some feels: Use Coupon Code Gigguk for $5...
Basically, Netflix's Evangelion
2,445,492 views - 06/24/19
This may be the deepest analysis I've ever made. Patreon:
One Punch Man S2: A Step Down
1,270,497 views - 06/16/19
This video is sponsored by Shadowverse, check out the game here → Today I take a look at One Punch Man S2, try...
The Best Revenge Story in Anime
820,429 views - 06/01/19
Today I just wanted to talk about some irrelevant Anime everyone has forgotten by now, so here's Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo....
The Waifu Tier List
3,622,879 views - 05/25/19
Yeah I know it's a bit late to the craze, but this was meant to be out last week but I couldn't finish it before I went away for a week....
The Death of Classic Anime
1,588,838 views - 05/15/19
Thanks to KurtzPel for sponsoring this video! Play KurtzPel Today: Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made...
Spring Anime 2019 in a Nutshell
2,652,552 views - 04/29/19
Honestly though if you enjoyed anything tagged Ugly Bastard why do you hate life. Patreon: Edited by:...
The Art of Ending an Anime
1,642,674 views - 03/28/19
Download Another Eden for free here!: Thanks to Another Eden for sponsoring this video! Today I...
describing domestic girlfriend's spicy plot after eating a ghost pepper
1,040,898 views - 03/21/19
Lil Bonus DomexKano Video for y'all. Shout out to the OG's at Hot Pepper Gaming for inspiring this. Actually screw that, this was an...
Domestic Girlfriend: A Dumpster Fire I Can't Stop Watching
2,849,791 views - 03/19/19
N O T - R E L A T E D - B Y - B L O O D. Read Domestic Girlfriend: Use Coupon Code: GIGGUK...
Anime is a Brand
1,097,423 views - 03/08/19
Just a little brain fart about the "what is Anime" discussion that has floated around our community for like forever. Meet me at MomoCon...
Shield Hero: The Rising of the Isekai Genre
1,800,810 views - 02/26/19
Read Shield Hero Today: Use Coupon Code: GIGGUK for $5 Off! I'll stop making videos about...
when you disagree over best girl
1,495,253 views - 02/19/19
This kind of conversation is now just a daily routine for me at this point. Patreon: Guest Starring:...
Winter Anime 2019 in a Nutshell
2,843,186 views - 02/07/19
There are a lot of Bangers this season. Kakegurui Campaign on Bookwalker: Use Coupon...
Best of Anime 2018
1,887,132 views - 01/24/19
This video was sponsored by Shadowverse Play Shadowverse today: Before I start tackling the new year, just...
Anime in 2018
2,846,004 views - 01/01/19
Happy New Year! Patreon: Anime Mentioned: Devilman Aggretsuko Castlevania B the beginning Sirius the...
Slime Isekai: The Best Kind Of Isekai Anime
2,048,258 views - 12/25/18
Get the latest Slime Manga & LN's here*: Use Coupon Code: GIGGUK for $5...
The Art of Abridged Series
1,051,706 views - 12/19/18
Sponsored by Azur Lane. Download and play it today: Today I take a trip down memory lane to reminisce on just how...
Bunny Girl Senpai: A Show That's (Not) About Bunny Girls
1,783,655 views - 12/07/18
I'm back to talk about the Bunny Girl show that has nothing to do with Bunny Girls. Patreon: Edited by:...
The Fascinating World of Index/Railgun and Why You Should Watch It
1,073,623 views - 11/16/18
Excuse me while I just gush about Index for a whole video. Enter the Index Giveaway:...
Fall Anime 2018 in a Nutshell
3,341,227 views - 10/31/18
This Fall season of Anime is actually pretty lit. Patreon: Anime Mentioned: Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 My...
trying to understand the fate series
2,873,945 views - 10/20/18
Based on many actual conversations I've had. Patreon: Thank You to Gkage and Lucas for being my Fate gurus...
Goblin Slayer: The Worst Anime Ever Made
1,957,266 views - 10/16/18
Just a typical reaction to Goblin Slayer episode 1. Patreon: Goblin Slayer Sipping Tea Chibi Art by:...
Black Clover Does NOT Suck Anymore.
1,412,480 views - 10/10/18
Thanks to Netmarble for sponsoring today's episode! Download Knights Chronicle now: Well it happened. I...
The Art of Sports Anime
1,568,697 views - 09/25/18
This video was sponsored by Honkai Impact. Download Honkai impact at: Today I talk about some DBZ Tennis,...
Darling in the FranXX IN 10 MINUTES
5,619,033 views - 09/19/18
I've written enough sex jokes for this one video to last me a lifetime. Yup, it could only be Darling in the FranXX Anime in Minutes...
Anime Fans: The Ultimate Guidebook
1,625,214 views - 08/20/18
This video was sponsored by Honkai Impact. Download Honkai impact at: Today we get a scientific look at the...
The Dying Art of Anime Music Videos
1,079,105 views - 08/13/18
Today I take a trip through memory lane with the trend that was a massive part of my Anime fandom: AMVs. Yes I just got a greenscreen can...
Summer Anime 2018 in a Nutshell
1,558,179 views - 07/28/18
Today's video is sponsored by Knights Chronicle, FREE on iOS and Android. Download NOW: Mother Fuckin Tea Mug:...
The Moe Anime Revolution
1,078,038 views - 07/22/18
Today I look at the origins and evolution of Anime's hottest thing: Cute Anime Girls Mother Fuckin Tea Mug:...
Darling in the FranXX: The Never Ending Ride
3,155,273 views - 07/12/18
Re-Uploaded to correct some stuff. Patreon: Edited by: Bakashift
My Hero Academia's Fights Are Actually Dull
1,435,746 views - 06/26/18
Just a spur off the moment rant/discussion about some stuff I've realised after watching All Might vs All for One, and what fights mean...
Bad CG in Anime
1,996,100 views - 06/16/18
WE'RE GETTING ATTACKED BY BAD CG....or are we? Patreon: Edited by: Bakashift...
Anime Has Changed
1,381,359 views - 05/30/18
Today I take a look at how the Anime landscape today has changed from when I first entered it, and what that means for us as fans....
The Science of Waifu's
1,851,448 views - 05/19/18
Today I investigate the science behind one of the most mysterious creatures known to man: Waifu's. Patreon:...
Spring Anime 2018 in a Nutshell
2,003,744 views - 05/08/18
No joke this season's actually pretty lit. That's my excuse for how late this is. Bookwalker Spring 2018:...
The Anime that Inspired Me
1,194,238 views - 04/20/18
Partially scripted. Partially improvised. All from the heart. Patreon: I took some time off recently and...
Your Waifu IS Real
2,898,745 views - 03/31/18
In the near future where technology has allowed us to interact with the 2D realm, a man logs into the the world where Waifu's are real....
Mecha: The Rise & Fall of Giant Robots
1,179,741 views - 03/18/18
Today I go through the entire history of giant robots to see just where they've gone in the modern day. Patreon:...
Anime Awards 2017 in a Nutshell
913,557 views - 03/01/18
Crunchyroll were back at it again with the Anime Awards and this time, ya boi was invited. This was a 100% accurate depiction of what...
Food in Anime
2,164,930 views - 02/19/18
U M A M I Support me on Patreon: Edited by: Bakashift
Winter Anime 2018 in a Nutshell
3,338,784 views - 01/31/18
New year, new season new memes. And boy did Winter Anime live up to that this year. Win Overlord Merch: Use Coupon...
Best of Anime 2017
1,742,953 views - 01/22/18
So Crunchyroll are back at it with this year's Anime Awards, and have asked me to chime in on some of the best things to come out of...
How Good is: Devilman Crybaby?
1,052,282 views - 01/11/18
Welp, just got back from my new years holiday and starting things back up with a nice little casual review of Devilman: Crybaby. Wasn't...
Anime in 2017 | Part 2
1,672,854 views - 12/31/17
Happy New Year. Anime Mentioned: Kakegurui Made in Abyss Aho Girl Welcome to the Ballroom Tsuredure Children Hajimete no Gal Gamers! In...
Anime in 2017 | Part 1
1,985,157 views - 12/28/17
This is my fifth year doing these year in reviews, and I swear one day it will kill me. Today I recap all the best, worst and weirdest...
Music in Anime
1,925,644 views - 12/21/17
I just wanted to talk about music for a bit so I just made a little music appreciation video about all the little things I want to...
AniTube Rewind 2017
635,517 views - 12/12/17
Yeah yeah, Jake Paul, Fidget spinners whatever. This is the only YouTube rewind that matters...since none of us YouTubers who cover Anime...
Life Cycle of an Anime Fan
4,713,239 views - 12/08/17
The Anime fan is a peculiar specimen that I feel deserves a deeper understanding. Today I have a look at every stage of an Anime Fan's...
The Ancient Magus Bride: The Magic of Fantasy Worlds
589,368 views - 12/01/17
How long has it been since we've seen some fantasy worlds that have captivated us like this? Magus' Bride on Bookwalker:...
Animation in Anime
1,635,498 views - 11/22/17
Just an informal discussion/appreciation video about Animation in anime, don't worry I don't actually have any idea what I'm talking...
Black Clover: The New Problem Child of Shounen
1,779,191 views - 11/13/17
Originally I wanted to make a video about how Black Clover was the worst thing to happen to Shounen, but then I read the manga and I...
Isekai: The Genre that took over Anime
1,658,478 views - 10/31/17
SAO? Konosuba? Re:Zero? Today I look at the genre Anime just can't seem to get away from recently. Get Re:Zero LN & Manga:...
Fall 2017 Anime in a Nutshell
2,758,045 views - 10/24/17
I thought I went as deep as the rabbit hole could go. This season proved me wrong. Support me on Patreon:
Why I Love: Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)
557,865 views - 10/16/17
I just wanted to talk abit about a film I love and it turns into one of my longest video yet. Patreon:
Neo Yokio: The Final Form of Anime
1,395,313 views - 10/05/17
I just don't care anymore. Patreon: Bangkok Meetup details:...
No Game No Life IN 7 MINUTES
8,125,833 views - 09/28/17
No Game No Life condensed into 7 bite sized minutes. Read NGNL: Use Coupon Code "GIGGUK"...
Anime Conventions: An Honest Guide
3,395,564 views - 09/18/17
Having to been Anime Expo, Anime Central, Crunchyroll Expo, MCM and a load of other conventions over the year I felt it was time I did...
How Close is Anime to Mainstream?
713,947 views - 08/29/17
Today I take a detailed look back at every major event that's happened for Anime in the past 4 years, and again re-evaluate the...
Summer 2017 Anime in a Nutshell
1,172,841 views - 08/15/17
What's this? It's over halfway through the season already? Don't be silly, this video isn't late at all! Read Kakegurui:...
Netflix & Anime Strike: An Open Letter from an Anime Fan
585,727 views - 08/07/17
Contact methods/Social Media: Netflix - Facebook pages: & Twitter...
My Hero Academia - How to do a Tournament Arc
1,551,378 views - 07/29/17
Come on, you thought I WASN'T going to do a video on My Hero Academia's tournament arc? Tournament Arc Shirts:...
How to Fix Shonen Anime's Biggest Problem
2,208,226 views - 07/21/17
Today I take a stab at how future Shonen anime can go about fixing the problem of constant escalation. NO GAME NO LIFE GIVEAWAY 24TH...
The ACTUAL Seasonal Anime Guide Every Fan Needs
921,199 views - 07/06/17
The real seasonal anime guide you'll need for this coming season...and every season after that. Anime is Trash Shirt:...
A New Level Of Trash - Eromanga Sensei
2,016,603 views - 06/28/17
Eromanga Sensei ended with a symphony of trash so of course I was going to celebrate the ride that it was one last time Patreon:...
Why I Actually Preferred Attack On Titan S2 Over S1
766,399 views - 06/14/17
Just some quick thoughts on Attack on Titan Season 2. Get my shirts: AoT is currently 50% off at...
Eromanga Sensei: A Modern Masterpiece
2,383,357 views - 06/04/17
What have I done. Edited by: Bakashift Patreon:
5 Manga That Need More Attention
1,810,569 views - 05/20/17
I thought making a video about Manga would be cool, they didn't tell me how long this would take to edit. You can find every title I...
Talking Spring 2017 Anime w/ The Anime Man, Akidearest, Holden & Jean
330,798 views - 05/11/17
I felt like talking about this spring season (and more) with a few peeps, so I invited a bunch of old and new names to join me! Will this...
Spring 2017 Anime in a Nutshell
1,875,405 views - 05/06/17
Just another AniTuber back at it again with another seasonal video. Check out BOOKWALKER at: and use coupon...
The Greatest Thing Anime Has Done
1,368,641 views - 04/26/17
I watched A Silent Voice in theatres and it made me want to write about my love for anime. Crazy, I know. So I guess I'm gonna call this...
This Video is about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
3,466,408 views - 04/17/17
Today I make a video about Jojo's bizzare adventure, the memes and the love that everyone seems to give it. There might be some...
Attack on Titan IN 9 MINUTES
17,170,536 views - 03/30/17
With Attack on Titan Season 2 just round the corner, what better way to catch up than watching this completely inaccurate recap of it....
Death Note Teaser Super Serious Breakdown
473,042 views - 03/25/17
Guys, the Netflix Death Note Movie is gonna suck. Haven't you heard? Though if you haven't seen the teaser yet you can do so here:...
Konosuba: Why is it Funny?
2,759,992 views - 03/13/17
Konosuba is entertaining for a lot of reasons, but today I use my worthless parody writing experience to explore one of them. Patreon:...
6 More BRILLIANT Fights in Anime
1,829,567 views - 02/28/17
This Video was Sponsored and Approved by Naruto Online. Play the game at Today I am back with another video about...
How SAO: ORDINAL SCALE could've been GREAT! [Spoiler Discussion]
323,058 views - 02/26/17
So enough of you asked for a spoiler discussion/review of SAO: Ordinal Scale, so here it is! This is a supplimentary video to my spoiler...